Bookings & Prices

All prices are daily and will be charged for the day of entry onward, if boarders are collected before 11am on collection day there will be no charge for collection day.

Payments types accepted; Cash or Debit Cards no cheques accepted.

Please note our revised daily tariffs that will come into effect from the 1st January, 2020.

Luxury Dog Kennels – Daily Tariff – From 1st Jan 2020

Daily Tariff From 1st Jan 2020
1 Dog £24.00 per day
2 Dogs (sharing) £40.00 per day
3 Dogs (sharing) £55.00 per day
4 Dogs (sharing) £67.00 per day
5 Dogs (sharing) £79.00 per day

Heatlamps and TV included are included in luxury price.
We can gives baths to dogs who are boarding with us if requested at time of booking, please ask for pricing, dependent on size and coat of your dog.

Cat Accomodation – Daily Tariff – From 1st Jan 2020

Daily Tariff From 1st Jan 2020
1 Cat £10.00 per day
2 Cats (sharing) £18.00 per day / £20 for extra large double pen per day

Opening Hours

It is in the best interest of your pets that they are not disturbed throughout the day unnecessarily.

We have restricted times for check in & check out and the viewing times of our facilities to ensure there is the same structure and routine every day.

We feel we are unique in that we allow owners to accompany their pets to their accommodation at check in & check out times, although we do ask that you are quiet when entering the blocks to help minimise the disruption to our other guests.

We appreciate your cooperation and thank you for respecting our opening hours.

Many thanks, Maureen & Darren

Please note that these are not flexible. 

Drop off and Pick Up Times

We are open 7 days a week for check in and check out.

Check Outs: 9.00am – 11:00am, (No Charge)

Check Outs: 1pm – 5pm, (daily rate charged per pet) 

Check ins: 1pm – 3:30pm

Office hours are Monday to Friday 10am – 12pm, 1pm – 5pm

Closed 12pm – 1pm for lunch daily (Gate will be closed)

Public Viewing Times

Public viewings welcome by appointment only, please call to arrange a suitable time.

For any weekend enquires please email:



Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year’s Day, closed for pickups and drop offs.

there is an additional charge for all pets staying with us of £5 per cat & £10 per dog on each of these days.

Additional Services

We can offer extra services for your pets, if you feel they would benefit from them, we will not hard sell these, this is not our style, this is up to the customer to decide if they choose to add on extras. Please note all dogs receive 40 minutes of exercise each day which is split into 2 sessions.

You may feel your dog made need a brush if they have a high maintenance coat or are staying for a while, if they need it at home to keep them knot/tangle free they will also need it here, especially if they are staying for 1 week or more. We can also bath dogs staying with us, if requested.

You may feel your dog needs more exercise if a energetic breed or again staying for a longer period of time.

You may have a dog that is not used to being left at home alone and you feel they would benefit from more 1-2-1 time with a member of staff either just relaxing together or playing or having extra cuddle time all in the comfort of their luxury room.

Whatever you and your dog’s needs are we aim to meet them if possible, obviously all these extras take time so there are extra charges on top of the daily tariff. (See Below for pricing). Any additional services must be added at the time of booking in order to ensure adequate staff are available. Last minute extras will not be accepted.

Additional Services


Microchipping £25.00
Medication £0.50 once daily
£1.00 twice daily
20 mins extra 1-to-1 £4.00
40 mins extra 1-to-1 £8.00
20 mins extra play/walk £4.00
40 mins extra play/walk £8.00
15 minute Groom £3.50
30 minute Groom £7.00
Clean eyes/wrinkles daily £1.00
Bath & Towel Dry (prices are dependent on coat type/length/mattng) Extra Large dog £22.50
Large dog £20.00
Medium Dog £17.50
Small Dog £15.00
Blast dry to remove old coat (per dog) £7.00 + bath cost
Raw Diet (per dog) price is dependent on amount fed daily £1.00 daily
Extra lunch time meal a day £0.50
Extra Meal (per meal) after 5pm £1.00 daily
Frozen kong treat £1.00
Frozen hoof treat £1.00
Nail clip £7.00
Calming plug-in diffuser (per day, per room) £1.00

NB. these additional services must be ordered at the same time as your booking. This is to ensure we have enough staff to cover, as at peak time the services will have to be capped to the maximum we can perform each day.