Welcome to Hurworth Burn Luxury Pet Hotel

Maureen & Darren Wombwell are proud to announce they have been awarded a five-star rating from Durham County Council for Cat Boarding & Dog Boarding Kennels at Hurworth Burn Luxury Pet Hotel.

As you are well aware, there is no place like home for your pet. However, with generous amounts of pampering, good food, comfort and a friendly environment, we soon have dogs’ tails wagging and cats purring.

 Luxury Rooms

Our Luxury Rooms are more like a kitchen/utility room, which most dogs are accustomed to. A lot of thought has gone into the design of our luxury rooms to ensure your beloved pets are as comfy and settled as possible whist left in our care.

We strongly recommend viewing and early booking.


Your cat will have its own, fully heated, comfortable chalet with the additional benefit of having their own separate outside fully enclosed run which is attached to their own cosy inside chalet.


With dog boarding from £21 per day and cats from £9.00, Hurworth Burn Luxury Pet Hotel offers great value for money and you can be sure your pets will be cared for in first class accommodation.

Go to the Bookings & Prices page for more information.

Where all pets are treated like champions

At Hurworth Burn, we fully understand your concerns when you have to be parted from your pet. As pet owners ourselves, we fully understand this. With our first-class accommodation and ‘All pets treated like champions’ approach, we soon have your pet feeling happy and secure.

Our purpose-built Pet Hotel has been designed and constructed to high specifications, providing comfortable and hygienic living. All our luxury rooms have fully covered spacious outside attached runs. We strongly recommend and welcome viewing of our Pet Hotel.

Set within the beautiful countryside, Hurworth Burn provides 6 acres of land which is split into different sizes & areas to ensure we can cater for all types of dogs with the security they can be walked off lead or on lead depending on your wishes and your dog’s needs.

Dogs are always with a team member to ensure they have some fun time with plenty interaction from our experienced staff, we do not mix dogs from other family’s so this gives you peace of mind that your dog will be safe whilst here.

Video Tour

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to know more.