A Typical Day

6am, pets are checked & hatches are opened, TV’s are turned on, temperatures are checked, if there are any little accidents overnight, we would clean this up straight away.

7am, all pets are served breakfast or a morning snack, waters are checked, any medications are administered .

8am, all outside runs are hosed then dried out for dogs coming back to their rooms.

7am-10am, Staff now exercise all dogs, am checkouts are taken out first & dogs that are clean overnight are prioritised also. We take daily pictures and post on Facebook for the owners to see their pets having fun with a member of staff. ONLY your dog will be out with a staff member as we do not mix dogs from different families to ensure the safety of all pets whilst in our care, we also feel this gives your dog the 121 attention they need from our staff whilst they are away from home and missing their owners. Each dog will get 20 minutes exercise in the morning and another 20 minutes on the afternoon.

10am-12pm, staff now check all dog’s rooms for any hairs and then mop & dry floor, clean PVC curtains, fresh water & morning snacks are then given if allowed, bedding is checked & changed when required cuddles are always available too, they then settle down to have a little nap under their cosy heat lamp or sit in their outside covered terrace to catch a few rays if they’re lucky.

11am-3pm, this will be when any extras which were added on are completed ,please delete the rest of the text in this section

1pm-4pm, check ins arrive, outside runs are checked again, please delete we now do viewings from this section any extras left to do or baths or grooms to be done are now completed.

3pm-5pm, runs are checked again then all dogs are then taken out for an afternoon play or sniff & explore session with a member of staff, whichever they prefer.

5pm-6pm, all dogs are now fed and waters are checked again & either topped up or fresh is given if required, any pm medications are administered.

6pm-9pm, We then settle them down after dinners are served, till we then go back at 9pm to re-check that all are dogs are comfortable we will check waters and adjust the heating if required, give bedtime treats if allowed and administer any bedtime medications if required. We then close the hatch to the outside run to ensure all dogs are safe and cosy in their rooms till we reopen at 6am again.

Our pet hotel is supervised 24 hours per day this is a requirement to gain the higher rating of our licence that must be adhered to, we live on-site so this is not an issue for us.

Our passion is to give all the pets in our care what they deserve and are accustomed too at home, love, care & understanding, the pets are our No1 priority at all times.

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to know more.